Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

What connects us is being human!

A group of passionate people hailing from all parts of the world, we embrace diversity and want above all to convey a message of hope and compassion. With some of us being the products of immigration, we are convinced that a single gesture can make a difference and that the sum of all these actions can have positive effects on the world. With our knowledge, and through targeted actions and a qualified international team devoted to recruiting, immigration, integration, we work tirelessly each day to contribute to the well-being of all.

Hendel Duplessy
Co-Founder and CEO
Carl Dumas
Polo Martin
Co-Founder, CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) and VP Marketing
Jasmin Gilbert
Partnerships and Business Development VP
Sara Slimane
VP business development and optimization
Sabrina Morin
VP Human Resources
Elena Sattin
Vice-President Operations
Howard McCarley
Welcoming, on-boarding and integration director
Isadora Bittencourt
Marketing and administration Director
Cassio Nogueira
Recruitment Director
Chantal Cadasse
Immigration Manager - Member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) #R707800 Member Of The Registre Quebecois Des Consultants En Immigration #12063
Nora Julieno
Immigration Manager - Member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) #R710956
Steeve Lemieux
Regional Manager Eastern Quebec
Toni Muller
Tech Developer
Isabel Pereira
H360° Solution Advisor
Abigail Lopez
Trainer, admin. Welcoming, On-boarding and Integration
Joseph Helou
Training Coordinator
Goundo Massa Traoré
Trainer in Inclusive Management of Cultural Diversity
Nathalie Desbiens
HR Consultant
Sabrina Champagne
Executive Assistant and Business Development Coordinator
Luciana Morais
Welcoming Coordinator
Thelma Castanha
Integration Coordinator
Amanda de Cerqueira Martins
Administrative and Customer Service Officer
Maribel Mendoza
Administrative And Accounting Assistant
Alfonso Duck
Visual Designer
Boutaina Jaafry
Talent Acquisition Leader - Construction & Industry
Maria Fernanda Castellote
TAS (Talent Acquisition Specialist) - - Health, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Fernanda Araujo
TAS (Talent Acquisition Specialist)- Health, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Kesia Razafindrambola
TAS (Talent Acquisition Specialist) - Services and Operations
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