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Compréhension de l'entreprise Recherche et sélection des candidats Procédures administratives et légales Socialisation organisationnelle, onboarding et intégration Soutien, accompagnement et conseil Formation en organisationnel et coaching Renouvellement du permis du travail et résidence permanente
  • Business Analysis and Needs Assesment
  • Candidate Research and Selection
  • Administrative and Legal Procedures
  • Onboarding and Integration
  • Support, Assistance & Advice
  • Organizational Training & Coaching
  • Work Permit Renewals and Permanent Residency
On-boarding, integration and insertion

Regardless of job position, role or social status, H360° Resources sees the human being first and foremost. That’s why the on boarding, integration and insertion team cares about the development of each and every newcomer. How are we different? Our creativity, flair for innovation, and ingenious approach set us apart. Our training courses are interactive, stimulating, and inspiring.

Training sessions tailored and personalized to your needs as a business are available. Several hours of specialized training oriented on multiculturalism can be provided to your management teams. Our instructors also hold various training courses designed to assist current employees in improving their practices at all organizational levels.

In collaboration with our internal recruitment and immigration teams, we support candidates throughout the onboarding process. Our specialists follow a precise protocol for welcoming and integrating workers upon arrival.

Having seen the benefits of investing in know-how, let us work together to develop and spread the know-how-to-be in our society!

H360° Resources is certified by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT) as a training organization for the following professional fields: human resources management, management, and cultural diversity management and integration of cultural communities.

Certification #0060176

7 reasons to choose us


The human’s well-being is the cornerstone and raison d’être of our project. Quite simply, we are providing full support to people making life-changing plans… a 360° experience. Why? Because we care! With our innovative onboarding program, we accompany the newcomer, literally by their side for their immersion into a new world, offering guidance through all essential steps and promoting community values.


Our complete in-house process gives us a holistic view of immediate and future needs and guarantees that our clients are always the priority. Our proactivity is characterized by several elements: a standardization of our processes that allows us to optimize our operations, using different channels and tools such as targeted performance indicators. We benefit from an excellent network and a significant international presence.


Communication is one of the keys to our success. We ensure information symmetry at all times, staying close to the candidates and equally attentive to our business partners. Additionally, we ensure to follow-up and get feedback on the experience, which allows us to make a diagnosis and identify areas for improvement and overall efficiency – a process that keeps us agile and ready to adapt.


Because your company’s growth is as important as the evolution of your personnel, H360° Resources is attentive to your needs and takes care of preparing future foreign workers to live their professional experience to the fullest.


We offer personalized assistance, coaching and training programs aligned with company goals, needs and progress to achieve full potential for success. We see our partnerships as a way to help foreign workers to thrive and build a bright future in Québec. By offering a career and education, we nurture human growth.


Efficiency is achieved through the integration of technologies, ensuring a seamless workflow, detailed visibility and targeted tracking.


With the goal of ensuring the robust integration of newcomers into the Quebec community, by cultivating a sense of belonging, we offer pre-arrival training programs, integration assistance, work permit renewal services and assistance in obtaining permanent residency. We do everything possible to encourage the durability of the professional relationship and to facilitate settlement on Quebec soil!